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illustrated maps for the Publishing Industry
80 Days map illustration.jpg

BBC Worldwide : 'Around the World in 80 Days' by Michael Palin . cover illustration and route map illustration inside

Beaches map illustration.jpg

New South Publishing, Sydney . 'Sydney's Beaches' illustrated locations map

lyras journey.jpg

Penguin Books : Publicity Image for launch of 'The Secret Commonwealth' by Philip Pullman. to be printed on silk and displayed in bookstores

Bryson map illustration.jpg

The Folio Society . 'The Lost Continent' by Bill Bryson

119_Comets and Meteors 72.jpg

Belitha Press : 'Comets and Meteors' by Robin Kerrod


Chronicle Books : 'The Secret Languge of the Stars and Planets' by Geoffrey Cornelius : Chichen Itza

Dream Places Silk Route.jpg

Marshall Editions : 'The Atlas of Dream Places' : The Silk Road

Fall of Giants map illustration.jpg

Penguin US . 'Fall of Giants' by Ken Follett . endpapers illustrated map


Hamish Hamilton . 'Hackney, that Rose-Red Empire' by Iain Sinclair . dustjacket folds out into illustrated map

Chateau Latour illustrated map.jpg

Seagrave Foulkes Publishers . 900th Anniversary Volume for the Chateau Latour Vineyard

German Wine map illustration.jpg

Grants of St James . wine regions of Germany - drawn on the tablecloth after dinner...

Germany map illustration.jpg

Marshall Editions . The Atlas of Dream Places

Kent illustrated map locations.jpg

Elliott & Thompson Ltd : 'Wildlife in Trust: A Hundred Years of Nature Conservation' by Tim Sands . illustrated location maps

Atlas of Sacred Places.jpg

Marshall Editions : 'The Atlas of Sacred Places'

Lundy Island.jpg

Elwin Street : 'The Curious Atlas ' - Lundy Island


Grants of St James Wine Diary : wine regions of the Loire on a chateau floor.

Coral Sea Islands.jpg

Elwin Street : 'The Curious Atlas' Coral Sea Islands

098_The Longest Crawl 72.jpg

Bloomsbury : Book Cover 'The Longest Crawl' by Ian Marchant, about a very long pub crawl...

MadDog map illustration.jpg

New South Publishing, Sydney . 'Mad Dog : The Moorebank Killings' by Peter Corris

Mrs Ratcliffes illustrated map.jpg

Assassin Films with Abrahams Pants . 'Mrs. Ratcliffe's Revolution' - animated illustrated map dir. Paul Welland

poland map illustration.jpg

Tabula Books, Sydney . 'Rose Petal Jam' by Beata Zatorska and Simon Target


'Destiny Quest IV' by Michael J Ward : The Badalands


Chronicle Books : 'The Secret Language of the Stars and Planets' by Geoffrey Cornelius - Uaxaxtun

Pole to Pole map illustration.jpg

BBC Worldwide : 'Pole to Pole' by Michael Palin , enpapers illustrated map and 6 route maps inside

End of Eternity.jpg

Penguin Random House : The Century Trilogy . Book 3 'The Edge of Eternity'


Simon & Schuster NY : 'Map of the Salt and Stars' by Jennifer Zeynab Joukhadar

Storlax illustrated map.jpg

Meadowside Publishing : 'Storlax; The Power of the Deep' by Robert Jackson and Bubbi Morthens

Stormdancer illustrated map.jpg

Macmillan Tor : 'Stormdancer' by Jay Kristoff

Tartarus illustrated map.jpg

Macmillan Tor : 'Drakenfeld' by Mark Charan Newton


Lion Publishing : 'The Encyclopaedia of the Bible'

Vickers Vimy world illustrated map.jpg

Alicat Publishing : 'The Vimy Expeditions' by Peter McMillan

Wine Society illustrated map.jpg

The Wine Society Catalogue : Wrap-around cover illustration of Burgundy Vineyards

Mississippi Delta120dpi.jpg

University Press of Mississippi : 'New Delta Rising' photographs by Magdalena Solé

History of Food.jpg

The Folio Society : 'Food in History' by Reay Tannahill


Chronicle Books : 'The Secret Language of the Stars and Planets' by Geoffrey Cornelius - Newgrange in Ireland

Wordsmiths and Warriors.jpg

Oxford University Press : 'Wordsmiths and Warriors' by David and Hillary Crystal (background map and illustrations; taped collage added by designer)

The Dune Sea.jpg

'Destiny Quest IV' by Michael J Ward : The Dune Sea