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Illustration and Drawing work by David Atkinson (not mapping)

The Art of Illustrated Maps: A Complete Guide to Creative Mapmaking's History, Process and Inspiration
by John Roman published by HOW Books Oct 2015
- featuring the work of Hand Made Maps.
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Mustilli Wine Label for the Mayor of New York

Time Lapse Artwork-in-Progress Videos
Hotel Bel-Air, Beverley Hills, California
Val de Brévine, Switzerland

Photography from Space
Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth
Mother Nature Artwork
Earth as Art

Some Links to Materials and Equipment for the Map illustration process
Dr Ph. Martin's Inks
Pelican Graphos Pen
Pentel Auto-pencils
Rotring Iosgraph and Rapidograph Pens
Escode Watercolour Brushes
Windsor & Newton Alkyd Oil Colours